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Born into a dental family, Dr. Timothy J. Isaacson has dentistry in his DNA. In 2004, he joined his father’s practice and provides a wide scope of services, including cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, IV sedation, and dental implants.

Since graduating in 2002, Dr. Timothy J. Isaacson has participated in an advanced training program in oral surgery at the University of Minnesota. He became a fellow of the American Board of Dental Anesthesiology and a Diplomat of the National Board of Dental Anesthesiology in 2005.

A firm advocate for continued education, Dr. Tim has certification in BLS, ACLS, and participates in extensive training in dental anesthesiology, which his assistants also participate in. Dr. Tim also is a part of the Fellowship at LVI, which allows him access to cosmetic dentistry education and dental continuing education classes.

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13 years of experience.


Hundreds of hours of continued education.


Graduated first in his class from University of Minnesota.


"I lost a family member because of severe obstructive sleep apnea.
That’s the reason why I’m driven to help my patients get treatment to live a quality, healthy life."

- Dr. Isaacson

Dr. Isaacson's Specialties:


Get Relief That Lasts a Lifetime!

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18 Million Americans Suffer
From Sleep Apnea!

Did you know 55% of Americans have no idea they have sleep apnea? That is 10 million people who stop breathing in their sleep, cut off oxygen supply to their brains, and feel the effects every morning.



Restore Your Smile, Health,
and Confidence!

Dental implants in Bloomington, MN are a successful option for tooth replacement that carries many benefits other solutions cannot.